Tom has been designing and building custom fine furniture for nearly 25 years. In addition, he has been offering furniture making classes periodically during the last sixteen years

Tom has also been an active member of the prestigious New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association since 1997, and is honored to have served as Chairman from 2006-2009.

Most formative to Tom's development as a designer and craftsman was a three year apprenticeship with renown master craftsman P.A. "Pug" Moore of Rocky Mount, NC (1916-2003).  More about this at the In the Media link.

NH Furniture Masters Association

Tom McLaughlin, member since 1997

The New Hampshire Furniture Masters consist of more than two dozen world-class artisans creating works in a range of styles, from Period and Neo-Classical to Traditional and Art Furniture.


They cooperate for the purpose of championing and marketing the craft of custom furniture. As a member and former Chairman of the group, Tom participates in various exhibitions and house parties throughout the year.


The next of these events is a private house party  on Park Avenue in New York City. If you're interested in being considered to host a house party for the Furniture Masters, please contact  Tom at via email or by phone (see information at left).











336 Baptist Rd.

Canterbury, NH  03224